Meetup report! + being inappropriately touched...

Hello lovelies,

I haven't posted in a while. My life is sort of boring. Anyways, I went to a meetup yesterday afternoon to the Museum of Fine Arts. It was lovely. There was a lovely wing of the museum filled with paintings and furniture from the Rococo period and such. It was lovely! Met some new people and saw some old faces. It was a nice experience. Of course we got many stares, but so many nice compliments this time. A woman said we even made her day! and that made me really happy.

My mom is still getting used to the whole Loli thing... she doesn't understand, but Lolita makes me happy and being apart of the community is a nice thing. Honestly, I could be doing "worse" things with my life...

Anywho, the oddest thing happened on the train when two other Lolis and I were heading to Forever 21 . Since the St. Pat's Day parade was that day, the trains were literally PACKED WITH PEOPLE. absolutely ridiculous. anyways, I get on, and i feel this odd touch on the side of my dress. I look down and I feel nothing, nor do i see a hand... so I rubbed it off. However, as I was talking to one of the girls to my right, I feel another touch on the front of my skirt... I look down, see nothing, nor do I feel anything. I looked around to see if someone just had an object hanging around... than i see the face of this young man next to me... sorta glaring at me. But I didn't think of it much. All of a sudden, we get to our stop, and as I am stepping out, I feel my thigh being squeezed! I realized it was the guy who had been glaring at me before! The first things that came out of my mouth were "DONT FUCKIN TOUCH ME" but I didn't look at him, so I dont know if he had heeard. I would've punched him or something, but we were literally being pushed out of the train, since there was so many people! I told the other Lolis, and I was shaking abit , scared, and almost crying. It was just a really shocking experience.

Imagine if I had been alone? or if the train wasn't as crowded? Imagine what else could've happened if that pervert was with me in a solitary place?

I never imagined Lolita would turn a guy on, I've heard of instances when this happens, but i never even considered it would happen to me! Now I know I have to keep a careful eye, and have my little fists of fury ready~!

Has something like this ever happened to you?

Tokyo Rebel = love

Hello :3, I came back from NY 2 days ago, I just didn't have a chance to write. It is cold In NYC!!
Anyways, I went to Tokyo Rebel, and it was indeed open! It was my first time in East Village!! (I've been to NY so many times). It is really cool, with a lot of edgy people all around! I really want to live their someday.

Firstly, I went to a tea shop and bought bubble tea for the first time (haha, so many first times!). I bought a passion fruit iced bubble tea. It was quite yummmy, but my mom didn't seem to enjoy it D: It was a lovely walk, for there was newly fallen snow everywhere!

eI went into Tokyo Rebel and fell in love!  The lady that was working there was very nice ^^. As I walked in, I hear J-rock and was like "this is my kind of shop" Everywhere there were Loli posters, and J-rockers. It was small, but so cute. I wish I could've taken pictures! there was alot of brand, such as Putumayo, Victorian Maiden, and Innocent World. They had one Angelic Pretty dress left, and honestly I wish I would've bought it DX I only bought a KERA magazine and a Angelic Pretty x Tokyo Rebel Tote, like the one below. (Can it be considered BRAND?!) HAHA . 

IIt was also my first time being surrounded by BRAND. This sounds wicked cheesy, but it was wonderful being able to touch and feel the dresses. They were so delicate, I tried not to hold them too much! However, the quality is amazing, and the details are so much nicer in real life than in picturess. I really hope I can return to tokyo Rebel and actually buy some big merchandise, I'm saving up for when their Baby items arrive!
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going to NYC tomorrow !

It's a short visit though. I'll be back Monday night. Hopefully I can pay a visit to Tokyo Rebel in East Village! the only thing I can afford is Japanese magazines and maybe a decoden kit (maybe my mom will be nice and buy me a brand item ^___^) I doubt it though, but I'm sure I'll be tempted as hell to beg her for something. It'll be the first time im surrounded by brand!! Too bad there is no longer Angelic Pretty being sold there :( however, there's Putumayo and Baby! Cannot wait, hopefully i'll get seee it.

Otherwise, I'll have fun with my mom shopping in NY anyhow. Im in desperate need of accessories! There are many shops with cheap cute things ^^
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Lolita meetup

 So today, I attended my first meet up! We went ice skating and to a dessert cafe. It was my first time wearing Lolita in public, it wasn't as scary as I thought. I got a lot of stares, as expected. My friend and I were one of the first to show up. It was so awkward skating in a dress! Luckily, I already knew how to kinda ice skate. My friend kept stumbling everywhere though ! :C

As we walked around to the cafe, many people gave us compliments, but also puzzling looks. It was interesting getting all these different reactions. A couple people took photos without asking... which was kinda funny!

I met alot of nice people. I'm glad I could find a group of people who are interested in the same fashion as me, and I learned a couple of new things from them as well! I can't wait to do it again (but first, I must save up for another dressss hehe)

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I realize there's nothing much I want to do in life. I know I am only a sophomore. But i have no ambition.
Obviously I want to go to college. But than what? I have no skills. I can't draw, I can't play an instrument, I can't dance, I am a B average student... the list goes on and on.
I really want to advance and excel in something!

I hate having to think about my future so much... but how can I, when I'm still stuck in the past?
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Hello & an Intro!

 Hello LJ,
My name is Kiki. I'm an Aries, and I am 15. 
I made an LJ mostly so I can keep up with the Lolita community on EGL, but I suppose I can find many other reasons to use this. 
I am aspiring Lolita, I am very much a newbie! I can't say I'm going to become a lifestyle Loli, but I hope to build up a wardrobe. I just recently bought my first OP from Bodyline, and I feel so good when I slip it on. 

I love Japaese Fashion, not just Lolita. I love decora. And I am also a fan of visual kei and fairy kei. 

Besides Japan, I love music, cute things, food, astrology, and many other things i can think of

Hopefully I can make some new friends ^^ I think I'm very friendly!

Love, Kiki <3
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